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Financial help needed

morgybear started this conversation


I am not sure how to ask for help. I am the person who is always helping others now I am in need of help myself. I am working full time and have worked at the same job for 23 years love my job. But due to recent divorce and preparing for my daughter to go to college. My recent choicesI have made just trying to keep things together, I have managed to put myself in credit card dept. and not able to pay utility bills. I have $12,000.00 bills and just don know what to do. Asking for help is the hardest thing. I know I am a good and honist person. I don't know how I could pay anyone back I am just a person that does give back everyday.

Thank you

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due to the suddenly death of my father i could not be able to face the financial crisis in our home as soon as possible help me plz thanks
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i belong to a middle class family and i want to learn get my self educated but by far this is being very difficult for me. i have completed my bachelors and want to get addmission in msc in a semi government college named Queen Marry i have got admission on my on but i am not having money to submitt my fee. i dont know what to do.
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my name is BISMARK OTTO-VON RICHARD AFORSON am a a guy of 24 years of age who have been through a lot in life already.since l was born l do not know what love or affection is this make me see how priceless they are l have been through a lot in life and believe me if l say so ,even to the extent of killing my self ,l do not need to bore you with all the details but you know for one to think of that in life it he or she must go through hell to think of that .can l say hell may be is an understatement .from the worm of my mother l was rejected and to this day am been rejected every where l a very strong and energetic guy who does any hard work to be able to buy food and eat for just and day l got tomorrow to worry about again.the everyday struggle,pain and suffering l go through is killing me and l have no one to go to l force to see my self through school to the senior high because l know how important it is to be educated.l hope with the little education l have l will be able to have a nice job and make a minimum living .but no in my country you need a degree ,the connections which l don,t have no matter how hard l try.please help me and give a meaningful life to my life and l can tell you if you touche me you will be glad you did.l know l have a life to live for GOD and others who are lees privileged like me .help me in any way you can.but inviting me over to your country,get me a place and a job and you will be saving a thousand soul out there and l mean every word of mine .or any thing you think of your self.But please l need your help a young guy with a lot . GOD BLESS YOU.
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I am in need of $5000 to avoid eviction. I owe rent, mortgage, utilities. I have been calling all the "numbers" offered and nothing yet. I need help. Where do I go?
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My Name is Billy and in 2005 I had a massive heart attack, and today I am totally disable, I draw a small SSI check of less than $840. a month, and I need help with my home repairs, also I need a better truck, mine is almost 20 years old.
I own my home. I thank "if" I had an extra $400 per month I could get the repairs done on my home. or will someone be able to help one time, just to get me over this burden, winter is almost here and my home has all kinds of holes, Please can someone help!!!!!

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 in response to helpmyMOMMYplease...   I haven't had any offers of help from this site yet:(  I need a loan, not a payday loan.  That's the only kind I can get approved for.  I hope this site will be beneficial.   Nothing yet. 
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Dear sir

I am running Local Daily News Paper in Koppal District, Karnataka India.  I am published in my newspaper local daily news and very important articals for avarenes of people to indipendence and democracy importance, grate persons of india, indian social stable, agriculture, blind, health, letercy, woment employement, self employment and other papular metters.  I am diser develpment of my newspaper neugber district of Raichur and Ballary.  Therefore I want must Financial help.  Kindly request you Please help me.


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I am in a similiar situation except that my debt is student loans. I would be interested in any guidance or advice you might have.

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Beth, the budget lady.....
 in response to helpmyMOMMYplease...   


Getting your family budget on track is possible!  I help families with their budgets and financial coaching and I love doing it.  Check out my website  - and I can help! 

Beth, the budget lady! 


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So far, have you had any chance of getting financial help from this site?What I got were loan offers from worldwde loan lenders.

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